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Single Membership - $69.99 $49.99 (Limited Discount Price)

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Dual Membership - $104.99 $79.99 (Limited Discount Price)

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Family Membership - $139.99 $109.99 (Limited Discount Price)

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Final Wishes Book - $15.00
This book is designed with your loved one in mind. You will find a complete resource of all the information your loved ones will need to express their final wishes as it relates to their affairs.

Life Guardian Decal (set of 4) - $4.99
This decal is designed to be posted on your door or window to let EMS, Fire, and Police services know that you are a My Life Guardian Member, as well as inform them where they may locate your pertinent medical information in order to further assist in saving your loved ones life in an emergency situation.

Life Guardian Wallet Identification Card (replacement - if lost or stolen) - $7.50
This Wallet Identification card is another resource that Life Guardian offers to its customers in order to further assist in retrieving medical information, in the event the Identification Badge is not available. The Wallet ID card provides, read only, online access to your medical data information to prevent any delays in administering suitable health care. This card will be in your initial membership package. However, you can purchase another one, by selecting “buy now”, in the case the original card is lost or stolen.

Life Guardian Badge Holder - $5.00
Allows you to carry your My Life Guardian badge with you. Zippered pouch under flap and pen holder in back.