In 2004, Brenda McCredit (founder) became the primary caregiver for her father after the passing of her mother. Prior to her mother’s passing, her father had open heart surgery. The surgery resulted in countless medications being prescribed. Unfortunately, her father was later diagnosed with Orthostatic Hypotension which is a lifelong condition. This condition caused her father to often fall and injure himself, which meant frequent visits to the hospital.

It became a cumbersome task for Brenda to recall all of her father’s medications and vital information. This is when she decided to create the Life Guardian Medical ID Badge. This badge provided quick answers to the majority of general questions frequently requested by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and/or hospital personnel.

The responses from EMS, physicians and her father’s caregivers were so overwhelming that Brenda concluded that the Medical ID Badge would be a great resource for others.

In 2007, Brenda had an emergency medical situation of her own. She was diagnosed with epilepsy giving credence to the reality that this Medical ID Badge was not only useful and necessary for the elderly, but it was Living Information for Everyone.